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DREAM Capital Management is a professional, full service real estate fund management firm that buys and sells “distressed” real estate and mortgages. Our portfolios consist principally of non-performing or sub-performing residential mortgage loans acquired from banks and other financial institutions. Read More…




Dream Capital Management, LLC is controlled and operated by an accomplished team of professionals who are well versed in in the management and resolution of sub-performing and non-performing loans. With over 65 years of combined experience, they have successfully been involved in over $250 Million dollars in real estate transactions. Read more….

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We work exclusively with accredited investors who are looking for an alternative investment that produces passive income backed by real estate.


Febuary 28 2015


New site launched; with the ever changing media markets we have changed our image and realigned ourselves strategically.

  Distressed Real Estate & Mortgage Fund

You Have A Choice Looking for Fixed Income?

By becoming a Secured Lender you can enjoy a fixed quarterly payment stream. Looking for Enhanced Returns? By becoming a Member of the fund you will enjoy all the benefits of ownership. Looking to Diversify? A combination of both Debt and Equity may prove to be beneficial.

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